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She is a seashore. She’ll appeal to your senses but she won’t let anything get to deep.
Ej Marin
Being ruthless to the ruthless is not in itself ruthless, it is fairness. The ruthless hate when they become the victims of their own reciprocation.
Too many people are going to get in your way, don’t be one of them.

Canadian police on the job.
We can tell other people about having faith. What we had faith in. What we found important enough to fight for. It’s not whether you were right or wrong, but how much faith you were willing to have, that decides the future.
Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (via metalgeartrivia)
It’s not about changing the world. It’s about doing our best to leave the world… the way it is. It’s about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own.
Big Boss, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (via metalgeartrivia)

I only get off my bike when I fall in love.. or fall dead.
Life isn’t just about passing on your genes. We can leave behind much more than just DNA. Through speech, music, literature and movies…what we’ve seen, heard, felt…anger, joy and sorrow…these are the things I will pass on. That’s what I live for. We need to pass the torch, and let our children read our messy and sad history by its light. We have all the magic of the digital age to do that with. The human race will probably come to an end some time, and new species may rule over this planet. Earth may not be forever, but we still have the responsibility to leave what traces of life we can. Building the future and keeping the past alive are one and the same thing.
Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty)

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I am addicted to those moments in life that make my insides expand into an infinite echo. I swear, I have no idea what you will find if you cut me open. You might find a me of five years old just playing with his imaginary friends, you might hear an orchestra of love, range, and happiness, you may find an angel that’s watched over me, you may find my loving mom still tickling her baby boy, you may find my blood, you may find my heart, you may find a girl in the place of my heart, you find my true self, you may find a marathon of my favorite memories fireworking out of me, you may find thousands of kisses, you may find thousands of lovers I have had in dreams, you may find all the friends I have made in books, or maybe you will see nothing because your blind but even blind people can feel. Some people think that’s impossible but to be honest if you feel just because of aesthetics that just makes you pathetic.

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Back in the day when I first joined Tumblr….I missed this 
Capture your rapture and never let it go unanswered.
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